April Head Shot Special-$25 off

Think about this-what do you want your professional network to think about you?  Confident?  Polished?  Creative?  Does your profile picture convey that?  If not, it might be time to get an update.  It takes one hour.  We take lots of shots, then go through and together we choose the best 3 pictures of you  In about 1 week, I will send back the edited images.  That’s it.  So EASY!

I am often asked, “Do you edit the images?”  Yes, I edit everything I ever send out.  I smooth skin, lighten around the eyes, remove blemishes/scars/small wrinkles.  But don’t worry, I don’t do too much.  You still look like you.

Head Shots-In-studio with white or black background:

Reg. $150, April special $125.

What are you waiting  for?


Christy  408.802.9289


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