About Me

About Christy

I live, work, play and take pictures in Willow Glen-San Jose, Ca.  I specialize in children & family photography. This includes pregnancy, newborns, high school seniors, grandparents/grandchildren, pets, and don’t forget corporate head shots. Basically, if you want a photo of it, I’ll take it.  I love framing, posing and capturing still images and will travel all over the San Francisco Bay Area.IMG_5327-001

I was raised in Fremont…went to Chico State for college, (which definitely helped develop my laid back attitude) then moved back to the bay area.  I am creative, by nature.  I worked as an interior designer for 15 years before I had a career change and decided to start my own photography business.  I enjoy being active…I like playing cards, going to Tahoe, hanging out with my family, camping, and cooking (not every night though!)  That is not all there is to me, there is plenty more, but in a nutshell, I like to be active and I like creating things.  I am married to a very supportive husband (who ironically does not like to have his picture taken) and have two wonderfully active kids.

How I work

I enjoy children and family photography because I like the challenge of capturing the essence of each family. You need to be spontaneous with kids because you never know what they will do.  You also have to be patient with a quick trigger finger on your camera to capture just the right moment.  I will follow them around and get that magical shot you want.

I also love photo sessions of pregnant women and capturing this remarkable stage in women’s lives. As a mother, I appreciate this phase in the growth of a family.  I know that things get crazy-busy when you are 8 months pregnant, but taking a few hours to capture this special time is something you will never regret.  I promise!

The photo session

We do the photo session “on location” as I like to say.  Outdoor photo sessions gives children a place to explore and be spontaneous, which sets up wonderful opportunities to capture great photos.  I will work with you to select a location for the photo shoot, usually a local park or sometimes your own backyard will do.  We just need a big shaded area with a bit of grass or trees for a nice background.

Each session generally lasts about two hours. Be warned-I take A LOT of pictures during the photo shoot.  I figure that if you are going to make the effort of coordinating outfits, getting your family dressed and at the location (which in itself can be stressful!) then I want to make sure that I get the perfect shot of you and your family.  But don’t worry, I make it fun and as relaxing as possible. So, do you have a special event coming up-pregnancy, a new born, a special birthday?  Perhaps you are just looking to capture a moment in time of your family, before the kiddos get too grown up.  Contact me and we can get started on your very own photo session.



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