Sandra’s Corporate Head Shot

Sandra works for a start up in San Francisco and didn’t want the run-of-the-mill Silicon Valley corporate head shot.  She has a big personality (effervescent comes to mind, think of a champagne bottle being popped) and we sure had fun when taking these photos!  We tried several poses then finally decided upon these two.  I like both the shot looking at the camera and the one looking to the side.  More and more, clients are choosing to have non-traditional corporate head shots, to show their personality and to stand out from the crowd.  I love how her new head shot (and profile picture) turned out!

Sandra’s bright pink shirt against the crisp white background is a great selection.  Note her necklace-it is enhancing and not distracting at all (not too showy!)  Sandra, thank you for coming to me for your Silicon Valley corporate head shot.


Lauren’s Senior Portraits-2017

We took Lauren’s Senior Portraits in Los Gatos at Vasona Park.  It was a beautiful evening, just before the end of the school year.  Her mom wanted a few shots for her graduation cards (of course, they ended up with a lot more than cards!)  We went all over the park, from the picnic area, to the lake, to the upper park, to the train tracks.  We even took a few shots in front of a garbage enclosure (shhh! don’t tell anyone-can you tell which shot it is?)  Lauren is a Willow Glen High Senior, Graduating 2017.  She even brought along her best friend who helped fix her hair/clothes for me and made Lauren laugh.  I highly recommend bringing a friend.  It is such a great experience, why not share the fun?

I love this shot with the water behind her.  It reminds me of the Golden Gate Bridge-kinda hard to believe it’s Los Gatos.

It took a long time to get this shot as there were multiple people walking dogs, stopping to look at the view, etc.  But we were patient and it was sooooo worth it.  Don’t you agree?

Lauren and her best friend pose for my signature senior shot.

Don’t worry, this is a miniature train track that stops service at 5pm.  There is no danger being on the tracks.


This is in front of the garbage-you can’t tell can you??

I had to grab a shot with mom and her little girl-priceless!


Almaden Valley Remodel-Real Estate Photos

Check out this San Jose remodel.  This project has a modern sensibility with mid-century details.  Cooking would be a dream in this large  kitchen.  And did you see the bathtub in the master bathroom?  Looks sooooo relaxing.  This project was designed by Go2DesignStudio of Saratoga, one of my favorite design studios.


san jose real estate-05

san jose real estate-03

san jose real estate-02

san jose real estate-07Don’t you LOOOOVE this bathtub???  What I wouldn’t give…


san jose real estate-06


san jose real estate-08

What a view!


san jose real estate-01

Head Shots

Well, slowly but surely, I am taking all of my family’s pictures.  This is my sister Elaine, who recently asked for a head shot.  You see, she is starting a new career in real estate-so she needed a corporate head shot.  I can’t wait to see your face all around town, like on the Safeway grocery cart ad.  Good luck with your new venture Elaine-I know you will ROCK it!  And if anyone needs to buy or sell a house, I can put you in touch.


Saint Francis High School, Class of 2017-Cameron’s Senior Photos

It was one of those weird weather days.  Extremely cold (for California standards, mind you, about 40 degrees.)  Clouds rolling in and out.  Rain showers off and on.  Several calls back and forth with client-will the weather hold?  Should we cancel?

Come on down and let’s try.

Just when we are about to start the session, big, dark gloomy clouds settle and it starts raining.  Hard.  Oh no!  Looks like we have to reschedule.  Dang! Dang! Dang!  I hate rescheduling.  Just jump in my car, I tell them, I want to show you the different locations, for next time.  OK.  So we pile into my car and drive to the first place I have in mind-low and behold, it stops raining.  Next the clouds slowly roll away.  I think we can make this work.

Does this look like it was raining 20 minutes prior?

Cameron can be a little shy and quiet, his mom warned me, but I didn’t notice that.  He seemed perfectly at ease-especially when his mom started making funny animal noises to make him laugh.

Cameron’s sport is volleyball-he plays on his school’s varsity team and a club team-so naturally he wanted to take a few shots with one.   Honestly, this guy is a volleyball stud.





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