2017 High School Senior Sessions-Booking Now!

2017 Graduating Seniors

It’s your time to shine.  Your high school senior year comes only once in a lifetime.  Capture this special time with a personalized photo session expressing your individual style and personality.   What do you like?  What sport do you play?  What do you do in your free time?

There is nothing quite like senior year of high school, let me photograph this unique time.  One-on-one sessions are my favorite.  Senior portraits are booking now for the 2016-2017 school year.  Contact me at christy@cwrightphotos.com to reserve your date.




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Boys All Around!

This family of 6 was so much fun to, uh, capture.  Image lots of testosterone, antsy boys who didn’t want to stand still and the littlest one kept giving me the biggest boo-boo face because he stepped on a thorn.  Poor thing!  But no worries, they all were sweet as can be.  I found this great wooden wall and lined up the boys, and boom! a rustic background for everyone to line up against.  Honestly, this shoot was a lot of fun!  Thanks Lisa & family!


Glastra Family

This fun-loving family was all smiles for this shoot.  They brought Opa, the grandfather who was visiting from Europe.  He kept telling jokes in Dutch-I didn’t know what he was saying but it was cracking them all up.  I loved it (and him!)  The Glastras recently moved to the east coast and I was so happy to be able to take their family portraits while they were still in sunny California.  My favorite shot is the one with the golden California hills in the background.  It’s one of my favorite settings-just beautiful!img_4493-16x24-2img_4722-logoimg_4569-squareimg_4585-stickyimg_4631-sticky


GEO Conference

Head shots are a popular commodity these days.  Everyone seems to need one for their linkedin profile.  I went to the Global Equity Organization Conference and took head shots there as a perk for the attendees.  It was a fun day in San Mateo as I took shots of the financial officers who attended the GEO Conference.


Holiday Photo Sessions for Kiddos

I am excited to announce that my Holiday Photo Sessions for Kids is coming up November 8, 2015.  I am partnering with Bella Carta Studio in downtown Willow Glen for this day of fun, music, and lots of great shots of your little cuties.  This is for kids 1-10 yrs old, up to 2 kids and sessions are 30 min each.  There will be white twinkly lights and a few holiday props, but the focus will be on the cutest kids in town-YOURS!

You will receive a 2″ x 2″ 2015 wooden cube ornament with images from the session to hang on your tree and a digital album with all of the best shots of the day.  This album is actually an APP that you can download to your phone and share with your friends and family near and far.   It’s so cool-you will love it!   There are only 8 sessions available, so if  you are interested, book your time now.

To sign up go to bellacartastudio.bigcartel.com

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