Corporate Head Shots

Seems like everyone needs a head shot these days and I have been doing a lot of them lately.  From corporate events, to the school play cast shots I have taken tons of head shots this year.  I really enjoy taking them.  Do you need a new picture for your linkedin page or website?  At your business or my studio, inside or outdoors, I can take a flattering shot of you for all your business needs.  I also do modeling & theater head shots as well.







Senior Photos-Anthony

2017 High School Senior Photos are in full swing at Christy Wright Photography.  The long days and warm evenings are perfect for these photo shoots.  My outdoor sessions are relaxing and fun.  Here is Anthony, a Willow Glen High senior.  We walked around and found lots of great locations for this shoot.  I had a blast with him and his mom, as she made him laugh.  I love how I get to capture their personalities and give families lasting memories during this important time in a high school senior’s life.

To see the full album click here:  Anthony Senior Photos



Steve P. 2017 Senior Photo Session in Aptos

We headed up to the beach and took Steve’s senior pictures.  This Bellarmine senior was an easy subject since I know him pretty well.  It was a bit overcast, but that didn’t stop us.  We found several scenic spots to take the photos.  I especially love the ones over-looking the beach where is gazing out over the ocean.  Then we found some train tracks, and I LOVE train tracks.  So, of course, we had to stop and take some shots there.  Thankfully, no train came.  We had a ball!  Thank you, Steve, for letting me take your senior pictures.  Here’s to a fantastic senior year.

Click here to see the entire session:  Steve P. 2017-christy wright photography





2017 High School Senior Sessions-Booking Now!

2017 Graduating Seniors

It’s your time to shine.  Your high school senior year comes only once in a lifetime.  Capture this special time with a personalized photo session expressing your individual style and personality.   What do you like?  What sport do you play?  What do you do in your free time?

There is nothing quite like senior year of high school, let me photograph this unique time.  One-on-one sessions are my favorite.  Senior portraits are booking now for the 2016-2017 school year.  Contact me at to reserve your date.




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Boys All Around!

This family of 6 was so much fun to, uh, capture.  Imagine lots of testosterone, antsy boys who didn’t want to stand still and the littlest one who kept giving me the biggest boo-boo face because he stepped on a thorn.


But no worries, they all were sweet as can be.  I found this great wooden wall and lined up the boys, and BOOM! A rustic background for everyone to line up against, which helped them stand still for maybe 5 minutes.


Honestly, this shoot was very memorable and A LOT of fun!  Thanks Lisa & family!


The littlest brother couldn’t stand still (and you shouldn’t be expected to when you are 4 years old.)  However, I needed to get at least one shot with them all together, not moving, so I could get them all in focus.  I was running out of options (and time.)  So I had them all line up against this awesomely weathered barn wall.  Boom, I got about 2 minutes where they actually all stood still.  It was heaven-for me, at least.  Also, I got the dad to actually look at the camera.  This was no small feat.  See 2nd to last comment below to get the full explanation of that.


Boys will be boys!


One of my favorite shots-EVER!! (above)


Man this is so dang cute!  A flower for mom.

img_9028-psMom and Dad sharing a quiet moment, when chaos ensues in the background.  I have a feeling this isn’t far from their reality.


This shot above is perfect because the dad told me he does not like his picture taken and would not look at the  camera.  I was able to get the entire family, some looking, some not, and it looks so natural.  LOVE IT!


This last shot is so perfect because they are all focusing on the youngest, who, with his big personality and off-the-charts energy, gets most of the family’s attention.

B l o g   h i s t o r y