Class of 2022 Senior Rep Team Applications Open

Applications are being accepted now. I will select a few seniors from each high school. Open to males and females. Click here for the application:

Are you looking for a fun and memorable experience that celebrates this special time in your life? Do you want images that are different from anyone else’s and like trying different things and being creative? Then perhaps you want to be on my Senior Rep Team.

What does being a Christy Wright Senior Rep mean? There are several perks you get for being a Senior Rep.

Let’s start with the basics-what is a Senior Rep? 

A Senior Rep is someone that wants interesting and creative senior pictures…and more.  I want to capture you.  All the sides of you.  We will work together in several sessions and as we get to know each other, the pictures become more.  More authentic.  More intimate.  More FUN!  Just as regular relationships deepen as you get to know one another, so will the images.  When you let your guard down around me, different parts of you are revealed, and it’s those unique sides of your personality that I want capture with my lens.

It’s something else, too.  Getting your senior portraits taken should be an experience that you remember for a long time.  Think of it as the culmination of all your years in school.  You are about to start a new chapter in your life-leaving the familiarity of high school. Becoming independent from your parents.  You may be going off to college, taking a gap year or starting a new job.  Whatever it is, life will never be the same.  And it’s something to commemorate.  To celebrate!  Let’s capture who you are RIGHT NOW.   

Did you mention perks?”  YES!

Here is what comes with being a Senior Rep:    

1. You get to do your senior session FIRST.  I reserve the majority of my summer and fall sessions for my reps.  August/September are my favorite times to take senior portraits.  The days are warm and golden hour, before and right after sunset, lasts the longest.   

2. You get a $75 gift voucher to use towards your session fee. (Reg. $275-Senior Rep price $200) 

3. You get a cap and gown session in April. You can even wear your college gear and announce which school you have chosen.

4. You get a FREE family session (worth $375) in April. 

5. If you really want another session, summer/fall AND winter/spring, you can use the $75 gift voucher for the second session. Think sun dresses/shorts/t-shirts/white tennis shoes/etc. for the summer session and boots/sweaters/fuzzy jackets/scarves for the second one.  You can do one session with curly hair and the next with straight hair.  So many possibilities!

6. I will pay you $50 for every person that you refer to me that becomes a regular client.  If you refer 10 people to me, you get $500 cash.  How does that sound?

7. You get to participate in one group photo session.  These are usually themed sessions with other Senior Reps and are tons of fun!  You get lots of content and images to post for FREE! Group sessions are exclusively for Senior Reps.

Applications are being accepted now. I will select a few from each high school. Open to guys and girls. Click here for the application:

Don’t want to be a rep but still want unique senior pictures? Click here:

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