Family Sessions

75 min. $275

Imagine a nicely posed picture of your family-without someone photo bombing it in the background.

Imagine yourself actually being in the picture, not just the one taking the photo.  And no eye rolls from your kids.  

Imagine a beautiful canvas, of your beautiful family, hanging on your wall for you to look at every day. 

You can’t stop time.  We all know it.  Your little ones grow up so fast.

The family session is 75-90 minutes, so we have lots of time to spend getting all the combinations of your family.  The entire family (of course!)  Just the kids.  Mom with the kids.  Dad with the kids.  Individuals of the kids.  Just Mom and Dad (when is the last time you have taken a professional picture of just you two?)  You will end up with pictures of smiles and laughter.  Goofing around.  Enjoying each other.

The Good-Ole-Days

You know what everyone says.  “Time flies.”  “How did my kids get so big?”  “It feels like they were born yesterday.”  Yes, time marches on.  When you look back, you will realize that these are the good-ole-days.  Don’t you want to capture these good-ole-days now?  

The mom below told me she hates herself in pictures, but she honestly loved the shots from this session.  I do, too.  We saw it all that day-smiles, tears, teasing, kids running amok, tears, tender moments, more tears-and I got it all.  That’s real life.  Mom doesn’t get much time to herself taking care of all of her boys-but she took the time to gather her family and freeze this moment in time.   They ended up with beautiful images and some great canvases for their walls.  Click here to see pics from this session. Boys All Around

Are you thinking about a family session?  Isn’t it time to bite the bullet and schedule your family portraits?  You know you want it.  Trust me.

Any questions?  408.802.9289

Senior Sessions

Each session runs 2-3 hours $275

Packages start at $475

The Senior Session is a special one.  Almost a rite of passage.  Being a high school senior only happens once in a lifetime and this time should be cherished.

I love taking senior photos because these young adults, who are at the top of the high school food chain, are confident and feeling good.  My sessions are easy going and fun.  We laugh a lot, make silly faces, tell jokes, and take tons of pictures in different locations.  This way I get the chance to see the student’s true personality.

Two weeks after the session, I will have The Reveal, where you come to my house and I show you a custom made music video from our session, plus the slide show of your best images.  You will select all of your photos and wall art at this time.  The senior and at least one parent must attend The Reveal.

I do perform editing on all images shown to you-so the images have beautiful lighting and exposure.  For your selected wall art & gift prints, I will remove stray hairs, remove blemishes, smooth out skin, brighten eyes and brighten teeth, as needed.

Corporate Head Shots

Outdoor Headshots Starting at $250

A head shot used to be only for top executives and actors, but everyone seems to need one these days.  Give me about 45 minutes and we will take your picture, then we will view the images and you will select your favorite.

I will work my magic and edit it nicely (smooth out skin, brighten eyes & teeth, etc.) and send it back to you in a few days.  That’s it.  So easy!

But don’t worry, no one else will ever notice the edits.  It will be our little secret.

Either in-studio or outdoor-your choice.

B l o g   h i s t o r y