New Year New Pic

New Year, New Pic. That’s my motto.

Let’s shake off the 2020 blues and start 2021 fresh. Now that we are Zooming constantly, our digital presence is more important that ever. So get a haircut (now that the salons are back open) and dig through your closet. Find what still fits and let’s get a new picture.

I always tell people that my job as photographer, is to make you feel comfortable. Because once you stop worrying about how you look and what to do…THAT is when you look your best. You relax, you smile, you look natural.

AND GUESS WHAT? Time and time again, people tell me that they HATE getting their picture taken. They always look terrible. Well guess what? That is why you are coming to a professional. Because I have taken thousands of headshots (really) and I have learned the tips and tricks to make you LOOK GOOD. “Chin down, ribcage up, shoulders back, turn your nose a bit to the left…”

Whether you just need a few images, or want a a bunch to choose from, I can help you out. Fill out this new client form, to sign up for your headshot.

Reg. Headshots (3 images) 20 minutes-$175
Executive Headshots (12 Images) 45 minutes-$450

If you want to see more headshots look here:

As always, call me if you have any questions.



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