Photo Booth-Marquee Gala 2014

Marquee Gala 2014

The Marquee Gala Photo Booth was tons of fun!  It was February 1, 2014 and benefited the Performing Arts Boosters which supports the Willow Glen High & Middle School bands, musical theater, choir and dance programs. The event was held at the San Jose Women’s Club which is a beautiful Spanish Revival building in the heart of downtown San Jose.


I was happy to help out the local schools, even though I had never done a photo booth before.  I knew that I would need some some extra flash equipment so I rented what I needed and was confident that I was all set. Well, when I was  dutifully testing the off-camera flashes the night before, nothing would work.  After numerous calls to customer service, I realized that they sent me the wrong cable, hence, nothing would flash.  UGH!  I rushed to Fry’s on Friday night (skipping happy hour, mind you) to get the correct cable, only to find out that the new cable didn’t work either.  Double UGH!  After another run to Frys Saturday morning to find the elusive cable I prayed that it would all work.  Alas, that cable didn’t work either, so I had to resort to Plan B.  I used my own flash with one of the light boxes and just made it work.  The stress of the day was forgotten once I got to the beautiful building and saw all the volunteers pitching in to set up the classy decorations, art auction, the food & libation stations, etc.  There were lots of students helping out as well.  It is always heartening to see so many people pitching in for a great cause.  Willow Glen has such dedicated parents & students.  Thanks to everyone who made this night a huge success!!   Special thanks to my assistant of the night, Rachel.  She’s a Willow Glen High senior, was great fun to work with and made my evening much easier.  Thanks Rachel!!  Feel free to share this with your friends who were at the event or even those who missed it.  Click on the facebook button at the bottom or email them this link.

The digital files will be posted on another link within a week or two and you will be able to download the images from there.  I’ll post the link once it is active.


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