Senior Portrait Pop-Up

Calling all Willow Glen High 2021 Seniors.

I’m having a Senior Portrait Pop-up session Sunday, February 21, 2021. This is a QUICK and FUN photo session.  Come ready to smile and goof off.  Wear something with red or gold…or both.  Think your favorite Willow Glen gear-sports jersey, letter jacket, t-shirt, nicer sweatshirt.  It could be just a solid colored shirt or sweatshirt.  For girls it could also be a dress, a sweater, boots and a scarf. 

If you don’t happen to have any red and gold-NO STRESS-just come in what you feel good in.  This goal is to have fun and get some cool pics.  

Other ideas:  Do you have pom poms?  Bring them!  Are you a basketball player?  Bring the ball.  Get creative.  

There will be 2 seniors, per 15 minute time slot, to maximize our time. You can sign up with a friend, or by yourself. We will be covid safe and maintain a healthy distance from each other. I will have my mask on at all times.

Be sure to fill out the form completely and sign the bottom.  In addition to sending you the best images in a cool app like this:  

I will be posting my favorite shots on my instagram, so be sure to check it out and start following me.  christywrightphotography

Please arrive 10 minutes early, so we stay on schedule. 

If you are signing up with a friend for the same time slot-I have the form set for one senior to fill out the info, for both friends, so make sure you figure out which friend is going to sign up.  

How to sign up: Use this link to fill out this form and secure your spot.

You will receive the location after your application is received.  

I can’t wait to meet you!


B l o g   h i s t o r y